Hi, I am an advertising designer, based in Sofia, Bulgaria who loves to play with forms, shapes, and colours. My work is focused on Logo & Brand Identity, Iconography, and UX/UI design.
I would love to help your business stand out and shine with it'​​​​​​​s own personal light.

I believe in the power of creativity and the importance of sharing it with our amazing design community. That's why, on my Dribbble page I am gifting fresh, lovely icon packs to supercharge your projects.
Why You'll Love Them:
These downloadable icon sets have been lovingly designed to infuse an extra layer of creativity into your projects. Whether you're an accomplished designer, a skilled developer, or simply someone with a deep appreciation for visual aesthetics, you'll find something special in each download.
How to Get Your Freebies:
1. Navigate to my FREEBIES page and browse through the array of captivating icon sets. When you've found the one that resonates with your project, simply click the download button or follow the link to my Dribbble page.
2. Unzip the file and explore the creative possibilities.
3. Start using the files in your projects, and let your imagination run wild!

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